A Sound Recommendation: Austin’s Shy Beast


Photo by Nina Hawkins

Dreamy indie-pop outfit Shy Beast has officially announced their debut self-titled EP, which is set to release on November 17, 2017.  Produced by Danny Reisch (White Denim, Okkervil River, Bright Light Social Hour), Shy Beast’s debut EP boasts infectious, synth-layered tracks reminiscent of Alvvays, Tennis and Chairlift.

The beast is shy because expectations are high. The abundant talent in the band, already with

demonstrated results, stokes those expectations. The only real internal concern  is how best to express all the avenues and channels of the musical potential.

The musicians are: Mariclaire (MC) Glaeser- leader of the band, songwriter, singer, and keyboardist. Both shy and beastly, she is the creative force of the group. Her vocal range is huge, and she uses it to captivate audiences, and claim her place  as the alpha in her pride of musical men. Her creature companions include David  Tenczar-guitarist and vocalist-the man for whom there is no melody too complex to master. His guitar work is flexible, his harmonies malleable. Andrew Bennett is a guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. He projects a gentle, purring vibe on  stage, conveying the impression that less is more. Jay Cesak (aka Jayzilla) is the almighty monster of the bass clef. A commanding presence near the back of the stage, Cesak creates realms of transportive sonicity with drummer Drew Silverman.  Silverman is certainly the King of Beat. Each strike of a drumhead, each stroke of chimes, each scratch across the audience’s face, gives back full value and energy in Silverman’s construction of Shy Beast’s musical environments.

With excitement towards their upcoming release, Shy Beast explains, “We invite you to hop on for a rumbling ride through the forests of imagination to the deep darkhideouts of the heart.”


Upcoming Shows

Oct 14 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s

Nov 17 – Austin, TX @ Swan Dive (EP Release Show)

Nov 25 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s

Dec 7 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s

Dec 14 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s

Dec 15 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk

Dec 21 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s

Dec 28 – Austin, TX @ Geraldine’s



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