AngloFiles: Liverpool’s Astles Releases Debut

Full Of Wonder Artwork

Daniel Astles is a 19 year old Liverpool-based singer-songwriter being praised for his dynamic vocal style, captivating melodies and artistic boldness and a delicate rawness to a mature sound.

After Winning 2016’s Merseyrail Soundstation, Astles released his Live EP ‘Live at The Nordic’ to local critical acclaim and is 2017’s ‘LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) One to Watch’

The momentum is set to continue with his first recorded EP, ‘Full Of Wonder’. Written by Astles & produced by the likes of Matthew Freeman and Joseph Mott, the EP is ambitious and nods to a lot of Astles’s major influences which include Pink Floyd & Jeff Buckley. An interesting sound we have yet to hear from the 19 year old.


Speaking on Full Of Wonder, Astles says “I really wanted to be ambitious & create something which really showed the evolution of me as a person & as an artist. The concept behind the EP is the loss of your innocence from growing older. Losing faith in the possibilities of youth and embracing the realities of what is in front of you.

The 5 track EP expresses a lot of emotion, meshed with different musical sounds carrying the maturity of Astles compositions to the listener.








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