A Sound Recommendation: The Underhill Family Orchestra


The Underhill Family Orchestra is a rowdy, enthusiasticly heart-felt rock n roll band from Mobile, AL. Combining elements of unique vocal stylings with soulful beats and rambunctious instrumentation, their live performances keep you dancin’ all night and leave you tappin’ your toes on the way home.

They released their debut LP, Tell Me That You Love Me via Skate Mountain Records in May.

A brand new video, “When The Trumpet Sounds” premiered last week:

The band, which was recently recognized by Playlistplay as one of “4 Artist You Need To Know” from this year’s Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City, has been tearing up the highways bringing their raucous energy to stages across the country to support the release of Tell Me That You Love Me.

DittyTV calls their live show “one of the most kinetic and absolutely captivating performances…Underhill deliver a wide range of sounds from stomp-and-holler rock to tenderhearted tales of finer feelings betrayed. Their upcoming album…will solidify their reputation as one of Americana’s must-see live bands.”

The album, produced by Noah Shain, swirls with soulful harmonies, powerful riffs and gut-punching rhythms; the band’s deeply-rooted Southern influences are on full display as the Mobile, Alabama-based collective explores the ideas of togetherness, love, and finding “what makes you a kid again.” From New Orleans second-line brass, to swamp-infused blues-rock, nods to spirtuals and spoken recollections from bandmember Joelle Rosen’s Maw Maw Ida about meeting, and losing, the love of her life, it’s impossible to remain unmoved by Tell Me That You Love Me.



Author: ASoulfulSound

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