A Sound Recommendation: The Watters Bring Americana Soul Rock

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Photo credit: Barbara FG


Austin-based indie act The Watters announce the release of their sophomore effort The Watters, due on June 15. The album is a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut , Great Unknown.

Nestled in the unassuming hills of central Texas, Jenna & Daniel Watters and their seven-piece band have started a raucous revival of the big band Americana sound. Having been called “Fleetwood Mac with a horn section,” their new record features lingering melodies, lively horn riffs, and stunning locked-in harmonies that can only come from years of intimate practice.

Almost a direct response to their debut effort as a band, Great Unknown, their sophomore effort is filled with self-discovery and confidence as a result of their journey. Recorded with some of Austin’s finest session musicians (Trevor Nealon of Band of Heathens, Anthony Farrell of Greyhound, Tijuana Train Wreck Horns of Shinyribs), The Watters is full of the rich experience and expert contributions of everyone involved. Well-crafted songwriting and intricately woven instrumental and vocal collaboration are the corner stones of the new album.

Our self-titled album was the most fun we have ever had recording an album. Playing live with 9 players gave this record a special, palpable energy. It was a perfect blend of organization and spur of the moment improvisation.” – The Watters.

Their music is a representation of the life experiences of front couple, Jenna and Daniel Watters. Their story starts where they grew up – surrounded by the mystique and allure of the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. A love story of epic proportions, the pair met in middle school and sang together for the first time at their high school graduation. After reuniting years later, the couple fell in love and now enjoys a loving marriage filled to the brim with music.  Their sound is as unique as their story, a perfected blend of Sedona mystic meets big band Americana layered with The Watters signature vocal harmonies and horns.





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