A Sound Recommendation: Country Singer-Songwriter From Brooklyn – Ryan Luce


Photo by Blair Beyda Photography


Ryan Luce has a love for music that grew out of warm Buffalo days, watching his dad mowing the lawn while listening to local oldies and country stations. At 11 years old he picked up a guitar, and for the next eight years he poured his being into perfecting his craft. Hiding himself away in the bathroom of his parents’ home, he would record mini albums on his cellphone. Eventually, he realized he needed to get on a stage, and at 27 performed live for the first time at the Buffalo venue the Waiting Room.

In 2014, Luce took his talents to New York City, where he’s been steadily playing open mics at Pete’s Candy Store and O’Reilly’s Pub.

Pulling from his experiences of growing up in a place where family and friends seem to have kept to their ways, Luce put out the single “Hometown Anthem,” which gained him radio airplay on the “Localized” segment of Alternative Buffalo 107.7.

His debut EP, California Gold will be out on April 26th.

He is hosting a record release show on May 4th at 8pm at the The Tabernacle at Sweet_ness 7 Cafe in Buffalo.   





Author: ASoulfulSound

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