A Sound Recommendation: Cale Tyson


Photo Credit:  Andrew White

Cale Tyson is an American indie/folk musician originally from Fort Worth, Texas, now based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2013, Tyson released his EP High on Lonesome and another EP Cheater’s Wine in 2014.

Rolling Stone wrote that the two EP’s “have documented his version of mournful Texas twang, where the steel guitar does the wailing and honky-tonk vamps keep it danceable instead of dreary.”  

His first full-length album, Careless Soul,  hit in July 2017 followed by EP  “narcissist” in early 2019.

On September 20th, Cale Tyson will release his new EP Who Hurt You, a collaborative work with Nashville-based songwriter and producer Thad Kopec. 

Below is the first single Fade Me Away:

This collection marks Tyson’s first release since relocating from Nashville to Los Angeles. “Fade Me Away is probably the most uptempo song I’ve recorded in the past two years,” explains Tyson. “It’s basically me being bitter about someone wanting to be friends when I had more-than-friendly feelings for them. It’s a request to be cut off instead of strung along.

The video for “Fade Me Away” was shot in Tyson’s new home base of Los Angeles, directed by Austin Leih, and features Tyson along with actress Jade Santana.

Who Hurt You which follows Tyson’s February 2019 release of the EP narcissist, of which NPR Music said, “narcissist is an intimate, sad, and often inspiring 180. Raw and stripped down, it positions Tyson more as a descendant of Elliott Smith and early Bright Eyes than the twangster influences he’s worn on his sleeve.”

This EP was recorded at Thad’s house. After Thad remixed ‘What Doesn’t Kill You,’ I knew I wanted to work with him on new material. We met up and decided that we’d start recording an album in a month. I figured I’d be able to write enough songs for the album in a month (foolishly) and came to the first session with absolutely no songs. So we decided we’d just meet up and make songs out of nowhere, usually extremely hungover. We spent 5 days on these 5 songs and each wrote and recorded the lyrics separately.”





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