ROCK SHOW: Band On Tour LIVE at Tropicana Casino


Band on Tour is a rock show inspired by the biggest rock bands spanning over 4 decades.  Last night showcased their month long residency in the Showroom at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

We’ll admit it.. we were skeptical.  We were expecting some cheesy “rock star wannabe” poses and off the mark vocals.  What were were treated to was two hours of credible tribute to legendary rock bands like The Eagles, AC/DC, U2, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd and Queen.

Three lead singers Fred Lebel, Bob St-Laurent and David Latulippe do more than hold their ground as they cover iconic songs from ACDC, Van Halen and even taking on the incomparable Freddie Mercury, respectfully.


Band on Tour had the mostly over 40 crowd on their feet, dancing and singing along.

The musicians in Band on Tour are exactly that.. MUSICIANS.  This was not a stage  show of impersonators!  The 3 leads are accompanied by live musicians directed by Patrick Coiteux.   

Staging is a visually stunning multimedia rock set up.


Warning:   Be prepared for some head banging and a very strong desire to dig out Guitar Hero when you get home! Major Shredding!


Band on Tour performs at the Showroom at the Tropicana though August 30, 2019





Author: ASoulfulSound

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