Israel Nash To LIVE STREAM New Music

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This week, Israel Nash announced the surprise release ‘Topaz,’ an EP consisting of 5 songs that were originally slated to be released as the A-side of an upcoming full length album.

A Bandcamp exclusive went live earlier this week, and the EP is now available on all digital platforms.

He’ll be streaming live performances tonight (4/17) at 8pm CT and Sat (4/18) at 1pm CT via his Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages.

Israel Nash’s last album was described by NPR Music as “a magnificently far-reaching and optimistic slice of ornate, psych-tinged Technicolor rock” with “immense sonic ambition” that “plunges directly, and wonderfully, into the deep end.”

***A note from Israel Nash on ‘Topaz’***

“I know the days of late feel strange and uncertain. Things are a little upside down and uneven all over the world. So I’m gonna throw a little love out there to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms and iso and give ya some new tunes. Here’s TOPAZ!!”

“If these songs could either inspire, chill ya a bit, or even just help pass the day, I’m here for ya. I’ve been making more new music than ever over the last year and I wanna release more stuff than ever too. Been trying to figure out how to best do that but these weird times made it clear to me. I’m so happy to share this with you! The beginning of much more to come!”

“These tunes are about the unfortunate divisions we have between others – friends, lovers, strangers, ideas, politics…the distances between. So during this crazy time, may we see that we are always our best as one. It doesn’t take a guru to reveal how connected we really are in this world!! Recognize that we share much more in common than we do in what separates us.”

“We’re all in this life together with a shared hope for tomorrow, a need for the love of others, and a want for the warmth of a shining sun. Live and love out there and stay safe my friends! Enjoy and vibe. May your hearts and ears be blessed.”

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